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Fairybell Christmas Trees

Looking for some extra warmth, colour and ambience during the cold winter days? Then turn your flagpole into a Christmas Tree,

This LED Christmas trees come in four heights of 6 metres, 8 meters, 10 metres and 12 metres and are equipped with energy-efficient LED lights and is specially designed for your flagpole. Thanks to the innovative positioning of the lights and the impressive light effect, a beautiful Christmas tree is created around your flagpole.

Do you prefer a sparkling or colourful light effect? Then choose the warm white with twinkle variant or the multi colour variant of Fairybell®. In the warm white with twinkle version, 10% of the LED lights flash in a subtle way, giving a magical Christmas feeling. With the multi colour variant of Fairybell® you will steal the show.

Add some Fairybell® to this dark winter period and make your Christmas unforgettable!