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Aruba National Flag Sewn

  • £34.00

Sewn National Flag

  • 140gsm woven fabric.
  • Double stitched hems with triple stitched fly edge.
  • Reinforced header tape.
  • Rope and toggle fixings (or eyelets upon request).
  • Manufactured in house to UK MOD specification.
  • Compatible with all standard external and internal flagpole halyard systems.

Sewn flags manufactured in bold colour fast colours that are resistant to the ageing effects of the sun. Our flags are made to the highest quality and are designed for regular use on outdoor flagpoles.If you would like more information call our sales team on 0161 653 6381.

Historical Information

Officially adopted on March 18, 1976, along with the official anthem 'Aruba Dushi Tera'. It was chosen on March 18 because it was on this day in 1948 that Holland accepted Aruba's right to choose for an autonomous status in the kingdom of the Netherlands. The Aruba flag has four colours: bunting yellow, larkspur (or U.N.) blue, Union red and white. Each of these colors is significant: the blue represents the sea that surrounds Aruba; yellow is the colour of abundance, representing the island's past and present industries of gold, aloe and oil; red is for love each Aruban has for his or her country and the ancient industry of Brazil wood; and white symbolized the snow-white beaches as well as the purity of the hearts of Aruba's people who strive for justice, order and liberty. The symbols on the flag consist of a red star and two yellow stripes. The star also represents the island itself, surrounded by the beautiful blue sea. The horizontal yellow stripes denote the free and separate position.

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