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Albania National Flag Printed

  • £13.32

Printed National Flag

  • 115gsm Flag Fabric.
  • Double stitched hems.
  • Reinforced header tape.
  • Rope and toggle fixings as standard, eyelets or inglefield clips optional.
  • Compatible with all standard external and internal flagpole halyard systems.

Printed flags manufactured in bold colour fast colours that are resistant to the ageing effects of the sun. Our flags are made to the highest quality and are designed for regular use on outdoor flagpoles.If you would like more information call our sales team on 0161 653 6381

Historical Information

Adopted 23 July 1992. The design of the flag is based on the flag of North Caucasia, which was in use from 1918-1919. The palm of the hand was a symbol of Abkhaz statehood in the 8th-10th centuries and the stars and stripes represent the seven historic districts of Abkhazia. Seven is a sacred number, often found in Abkhaz mythology, religion and folk art. The stripes in green and white symbolize the tolerance of the Caucasus people and the peaceful co-existence of Islam (green) and Christianity (white).

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