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Ecuador (State) National Flag Sewn

  • £97.00

Sewn National Flag

  • 140gsm woven fabric
  • Double stitched top and bottom hem with triple stitching on the fly edge.
  • Anti Fray netting can be added as an optional extra prolonging the life span of your flag.
  • Rope and toggle finish as standard. Compatible with most standard external and internal flagpole halyard systems.
  • Eyelets are a no cost optional extra
  • Inglefield clips and spinnaker clips are available at an extra cost.
  • Reinforced header tape
  • Manufactured in house to MOD specification.

Sewn flags manufactured in bold colour fast colours that are resistant to the ageing effects of the sun. Our flags are made to the highest quality and are designed for regular use on outdoor flagpoles. If you would like more information call our sales team on 0161 653 6381.

Historical Information

Adopted 10 January 1861. The colours of the flag represent the sunshine, grain and wealth (yellow), the sky, sea and rivers (blue), and the patriots and their blood shed in the struggle for freedom and justice (red). Mount Chimborazo and the river symbolize the ties between the interior of the country and the coastal areas; the steamship recalls the first South American steamship, built in 1841 in Guayaquil. The sun is a symbol of liberty and the signs of the zodiac denote the four memorable months (March-June) of the revolution in 1845. The condor is a symbol of strength and valour, and the fasces represents the sovereignty of the republic. The flags mounted on lances refer to the duty to defend the Fatherland with arms. 

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